Hello, everyone!  This is odduser.  Surelog was kind enough to host heyminecrafters.com for us for a while, but it lapsed, so I purchased the domain and set up this WordPress installation so that we have a place to stick together.  Our current server is Tekkit Lite, and is available at odd.playmc.at, but is whitelisted, so let me know if you want to play.  I also have a Starbound server up.  Contact me for details.


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  1. odduser / Todd says:

    My email is odduser at gmail dot com

  2. sinjoker says:

    hey man, id love to stop by, it’d be great if you could email me

  3. odduser / Todd says:

    The Starbound server is

  4. Exmuramasa says:

    I’m not seeing many people on the starbound server :(

  5. odduser / Todd says:

    Until it is out of beta, and the wipes stop, I am not sure how many will play. Good to see you again!

  6. Exmuramasa says:

    Lol thank you for the WB comment, I had the virus infected computer replaced and got excited when i saw that there was a starbound server that was up from you guys. Hopefully and most likely I’ll be more active again in our little minecraft and other indie games community :)

  7. odduser / Todd says:

    Sweet. I hopped on for a bit this evening, but am off now. I’ve taken down the twice failed anarchy server, and am putting up an FTB Lite2 server. My laptop can’t run the full Direwolf20 pack. Now that I am back for surgery and full of energy, I want to start playing again, and miss all you guys!

  8. odduser / Todd says:

    sorry – back FROM surgery

  9. Exmuramasa says:

    Happy New Year to those that are still up

  10. odduser / Todd says:

    Happy New Year!

  11. Exmuramasa says:

    Do i need to have a minecraft account and vanilla to play on the technic launcher? I’m asking cause of this new computer.

    • odduser / Todd says:

      You have a minecraft account. You need the TechnicLauncher from techniclauncher.net then pick tekkit lite from list on left and enter odd.playmc.at as the server

  12. Ash0011 says:

    hey the site’s back up, hey guys

  13. admin says:

    Hey Ash yeah I registered it again, and am back from being sick.

  14. Exmuramasa says:

    Can you add this account to the whitelist–>Tainmyshu. My normal account isn’t able to log in and i’ve tried a bunch of things to recover my Exmuramasa account.

  15. cgcr7 says:

    I couldn’t get to your email sadly. But for tekkit whitelist: cgcr7.
    Heard you had surgery.. You ok? Life going good? Missed y’all been real just with “real life” the past year and a bit.

  16. Mikinator5 says:

    Well i guess there is not much to say but I have been busy with school, so I havent been able to game as often, but I’m looking to get back and play with my old friends. I’m up for both the tekkit server and starbound so please try and contact me. my username is still Mikinator5 and on steam it’s mikinator55

  17. admin says:

    I replied to you by email Ex

  18. MrRetreat says:

    Hi, Odduser do you think i could have the old anarchy server map download for memories and to explore.

  19. MrRetreat says:

    Can i also get white-listed my name is MrRetreat

  20. Ash0011 says:

    any more news on the ftb server?

  21. Ash0011 says:

    also the tekkit server keeps giving me a bad login error

  22. admin says:

    The FTBLite2 server is up if you are interested email me thauser at gmail

  23. PairofCellos33 says:

    Odd! Whitelist me!

  24. jamesunderland says:

    Hey odd, I tried to email you odduser@gmail.com but it said your account didn’t exist.

  25. jamsoft says:

    Hey Odd!

    Where do you hang these days? Any MC server’s still up?

    • admin says:

      I’ve been hanging out on Twitch. I even started live-streaming http://twitch.tv/odduser
      Been playing on others’ servers right now. Got a new gaming PC, so very happy. This is like the most unreliable method of communication ever though, with all the spam.

  26. SeanLeathers says:

    Hey! Add me to white list! Been looking for a server to play on and I remember how much fun it was playing with you guys a couple years ago. Been a long time. You should add my girlfriend to the white list too! SeanLeathers and MrVViggles thanks buddy!

  27. Snugflunkys says:

    Sign me up!

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